Medical Records Collation

Ascent Medico Legal Consultancy offers a highly competitive, nationwide, Medical Records Collation Service for firms undertaking clinical negligence and personal injury claims. We have the advantage of being both a lawyer (practising) and nurse led team of expert medical record collators.

We offer a highly flexible service that can be tailored to your needs. We offer a full collation service in which all medical records are collated and a detailed chronology and summary is produced. We can concentrate on single issues, whilst broadly collating medical notes that are not relevant to the index event(s).

Our collation service assist our clients to maximize the advancement of meritorious cases and our highly competitive rates, fixed fee solutions and deferred fee terms, ensure that costs levels are managed.

We cover all areas of clinical and nursing care (adults and children), including obstetrics and gynaecology, general surgery and medicine, respiratory, rheumatology, orthopaedics, A&E, neurosurgery and neurology, ophthalmology, cardiac surgery and cardiology, ENT, dental cases and general and paediatric nursing.

We collate primary care records, such as GPs, out-of-hour centre, dentists, community midwifery records, health visitors, district and practice nursing. We collate all other categories of records such as, education and social services records, prison records, nursing/residential home records and Ministry of Defence records.

  • Medical records are sorted into each provider (GP, hospital/education/social services) and are placed into their correct order by category and date. Duplicate and privileged documents are removed and illegible records are identified. We will always report on missing records as soon as instructions are received (if they are crucial). Double-sided copies are re-copied onto single sides. A Schedule of Radiology is produced. The records are then paginated and indexed. Differing indexing systems can be adopted in accordance with a client’s requirement.
  • The Chronology provides an overview of the relevant medical events in the records, having regard to the issues of breach of duty and causation. The chronology is fully referenced to the index that we produce and this document assists both the conducting fee earner and medical experts to quickly understand the most important issues within the records. This is a complex task that requires an understanding of the legal and medical principles involved, which is offered by Ascent Medico-Legal Consultancy’s unique team of medical and legal professionals.
  • We also prepare a Summary, which is a much shorter document and makes reference to the key issues in the longer chronology. The Summary deals with the key issues on liability, identifies any relevant guidelines, sets out issues to be raised with the client, offers guidance on the type of expert to use and suggests questions to the expert. It sets out defendant details and details of missing records. The Summary is an extremely useful aid to the investigation of a claim and is very popular with our clients. Unlike most of our competitors Ascent Medico Legal Consultancy’s unique team of medical and legal professionals, comprising clinical negligence and personal injury professionals, nurses, doctors and midwives have the requisite knowledge and expertise to produce such a high value-added document saving you time and money.
  • We provide a detailed file note to ensure the maximum recoverability of costs. Our charges can be treated as a disbursement, or included in the bill as profit costs. Nearly all cases will be claimed at Grade C, which is a significant enhancement.
  • We recognise the importance of a fast service, and collated records are returned within 10-15 working days. When a case is especially urgent, we will arrange an express service with prior agreement.

    Hard copies of the medical records are returned in smart, professionally indexed, high quality files via the DX exchange or tracked postal means.
    Records can also be scanned and provided on encrypted USB or CD Rom.

  • At Ascent Medico Legal Consultancy, the team has the requisite legal and medical expertise to identify the records crucial to the issues of liability and place these documents in a master bundle. This service is offered with our full notes collation service and is very useful when the notes are extensive and the vast majority are not relevant to the preliminary issues of breach and causation. An additional charge applies to this service.
  • Our charges are very competitive. We charge a flat rate of £45.00 per hour (plus VAT) for collation work. We provide realistic assessments of how long a collation task will take and we will always return to you to request prior authority if the case is more complex than first thought and likely to incur a higher charge. We will agree a fixed fee for work, which will not be exceeded and these cases the fee and the parameters of the chronology/summary will be agreed in advance of the work being sent to us. Deferred fees are available.


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